Organic baby and toddler leggings, available in sizes 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, 2-3T, 3-4T and a limited selection of 4-5T.  Comfy and soft, with just the right amount of stretch, the fit is fairly true to size.  The leggings are designed to be a snug fit through the leg on most little ones with some extra length for growing.

 *Note: sizes 3-6m up to 18-24m have no front seam on pants as shown in photos. Sizes 2-3T, 3-4T and 4-5T are a traditional style with front and back seam. 

Leggings up to 3-4T are $36, size 4-5T are $40.

Inseam measurements:

3-6m: 8.25"  6-12m: 9.25"  12-18m: 11.75"  18-24m: 12.75"  2-3T: 14.5"  3-4T: 16.75"  4-5T: 18.25"

Prints offered and pattern placement will vary.

 Image credit: Elizabeth Spence


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